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We are a multidisciplinary mental health practice which strives to treat individuals and families in a respectful, confidential and healthy atmosphere. Whether you are looking for psychiatric care for yourself or a family member, we would like to help. We treat the full range of mental health related issues including medication management, psychotherapy, and alternative treatments.

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Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation

Some people with depression need more than talk therapy or medications to find relief from depression.

Now, there is a new hope for people with persistent depression. Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an FDA-cleared non-drug therapy for people with depression who have not benefited from previous treatments. Psychiatric & Counseling Associates is pleased to offer NeuroStar TMS which is the state-of-the-art TMS treatment.


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New Patient Info

The New Patient Form needs to be completed before the first appointment.

Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your new patient appointment.

To download and fill the medical new patient information form at your convenience, please click on the link below.

To fill out the Therapy New Patient Information form, click on the link below to download the paperwork.

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Follow-up appointments are flexible

In the beginning of treatment, people usually need to be seen more frequently. Follow-up with patients who started on new medication within one to three weeks regarding response to medication, side-effects, or any changes are normally scheduled for either 15 or 30 min.

Standard medication management follow-up appointment is 15 min. Sometimes longer appointments are necessary to gather more information for further diagnostics or to communicate important psycho-educational information.

Some patients may benefit from a psychotherapy process which involves exploration and understanding the patient’s circumstances. Once a patient is stable, depending on the situation, they may follow up every one month, three months, or six months.

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We want to ensure that we are doing everything possible to provide the very best psychiatric care in a comfortable, welcoming environment.
We would like to hear what kind of experience you had while visiting our office. Your opinion matters greatly to us.