Conditions I Treat

I have practiced psychiatry for over 25 years in many different settings including private practice for 18 years. I have experience with treating hundreds of patients each year and thousands of patient visits.
​By far, the most common cause for coming to see me is for anxiety disorders. Specifically, Generalized Anxiety Disorder or more commonly called worry makes up a huge proportion of the new patient to see me. Fortunately, generalized anxiety disorder is a treatable condition as it responds to cognitive behavioral therapy in combination with medications. Often, people can overcome the worry habit with the help of medication and therapy.
Anxiety is often complicated! Sometimes anxiety can be quite severe, for example, Panic Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. These conditions are very treatable usually involving psychotherapy with a therapist as well as medication.
Social anxiety is very common in young people and usually responds to individual psychotherapy sometimes in combination with medication.
I am experienced with the treatment of Depression and Manic-Depression (also called bipolar disorder). These mood disorders often respond to psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, regulating the sleep-wake cycle, as well as medication management.
I prefer to use “a light touch” when it comes to using medications because this decreases side effects and potential dependence on medication. I strongly encourage people to participate in psychotherapy which may include marital or family therapy. Over the years, I have lots of experience with people whose depression is relieved because of a job change or other life changes.
Some of the most difficult conditions to treat include alcohol dependence, marijuana dependence, opioid dependence, gambling addiction, and sex addiction. Frequently, these addictive behaviors are complicated by depression and anxiety as well as marital and family problems. I have lots of experience working with people who are in 12-step programs but sometimes people find their way using other approaches. I have experience with amazing stories of recovery which fill me with hope and humility. Unfortunately, I have seen addictions tragically ruin lives and bring suffering and pain to families and loved ones.
I have experience treating people with Gender Identity Disorder but usually this treatment is confined to going through the transition.
Borderline Personality Disorder is one of the most complicated and rewarding areas of treatment. I have experience working with a Dialectical Behavior Therapy team as well as managing many patients who have personality disorders.
I really enjoy being psychiatrist, I look forward to going to work, I enjoy working with people who are most certainly doing the best they can and trying to get better every day. My goal is to help each person make progress however this is defined by them. I look forward to seeing you or your family member if I can be helpful.

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