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Brent Menninger, MD

In my 20 years of psychiatric practice, I’ve gained expertise with many different psychiatric conditions while working with patients from a variety of backgrounds. When meeting with the patient for the first time, my objective is to listen carefully to what brings him or her to seek psychiatric treatment. New patient appointments are scheduled for one hour so I can give each new patient adequate time to describe their current situation, past history, medical history, family history, and their goals for treatment. Follow-up appointments are flexible.

As a psychiatrist, I am qualified to provide a comprehensive evaluation of each patient’s medical, psychological, and social conditions. As a medical doctor, I am licensed to prescribe medications.
I am also familiar with many non-pharmacologic treatments including relaxation exercises, psychological therapies and psychosocial treatments which effectively treat psychiatric conditions. I often work with patients who are seeing a therapist. Psychotherapists and social workers often refer patients to me because I work collaboratively with them to provide medication management with sensitivity to the psychological and social issues.

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